Estate Planning for the ones you love

Welcome! Congratulations on taking the first step toward planning for everyone and everything you love. We look forward to learning your story, hearing what matters to you and your family, and helping you to discover exactly what’s needed to provide for your loved ones while you’re alive, and support them if something happens to you (or them). We specialize in creating wills and trusts to achieve your goals.


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How Can We Help You?

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Estate Planning

I need a plan that provides peace of mind for myself and my loved ones.

Estate Administration

I've lost a loved one and need to settle their affairs.

Elder Law

I have a loved one who may need nursing home care.

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A Caregiver’s Guide to Planning for a Loved One with Special Needs
When you are the caregiver of a loved one with special needs, there are a number of legal documents that you should have in place to help you along the way. Individuals with developmental...
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What Are You Thankful For?
As we celebrate Thanksgiving, we wanted to take a moment to share what we are thankful for.  Lindsay: I am so grateful to have the opportunity to work in a business I truly love....
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Supported Decision Making - A Potential Alternative To Guardianship
During the 2022 Spring legislative session the Maryland legislature passed a new Supported Decision Making Law that went into effect on October 1, 2022. In this article we’ll discuss...
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Planning for Incapacity
Incapacity is the physical or mental inability to do something or manage one’s affairs. Although we often think of incapacity only for older adults, anyone can become incapacitated....
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Movember: Changing the Face of Men’s Health
“Movember, the month formerly known as November, is when brave and selfless men around the world grow a moustache, and women step up to support them, all to raise awareness and funds...
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Death and Taxes: Planning for Both Can Save You (and your family) a Lot!
Our new Constitution is now established, everything seems to promise it will be durable; but, in this world, nothing is certain except death and taxes – Benjamin Franklin, 1789...
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Willow Legal Group has simplified the Estate Planning process so you can protect and provide for the ones you love.

We know that estate planning can be overwhelming and many don’t know where to start. So, we have simplified the process to make it less scary and allow you gain peace of mind knowing that your loved ones are taken care of if anything were to happen to you. 

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Schedule a 15-minute consultation so we can learn more about you and your family and assess how we can help.